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Over ten years ago, Raging Babe’s Michelle Rosado made a decision.  A successful engineer, she traded her hard hat for boxing gloves, and took the boxing industry by storm, putting her unique blend of boxing knowledge, media and marketing expertise, and relentless work ethic to work promoting boxing events and selling out venues all over the country. It was a move that would render her a boxing insider and influencer, whose reputation is synonymous with knowledge of the sporting and business sides of the sweet science. Rosado began her “glove affair” with boxing as a child.  Growing up in the Philadelphia area, her father Kiki, a beloved neighborhood activist, introduced her to the sport that would become her life’s work. Although she lost her father to cancer in her last year of high school, his love for boxing and his ability to connect with people would become the cornerstones of her boxing success. 

She frequently recalls the tears she shed when Puerto Rican boxing legend Tito Trinidad was beaten by “The Executioner,” Bernard Hopkins.  Rosado has channeled that passion and energy she felt as a fan into a career on the business side of the Sweet Science, and has gained the respect and admiration of Hopkins and others along the way. 

Dubbed the “Raging Babe” by Phoenix New Times, Rosado revitalized boxing in her adopted home of Phoenix, a city that was hungry for the sport, after corruption and scandal had slowed the pro game to a halt.  She sold out her first event, and would go on to sell out every event she promoted in Phoenix and beyond. She has become known for her golden touch, which, through a combination of experience and muscle, has rendered Raging Babe’s services a hot commodity with some of the largest promotional outfits in the world. 

​Rosado also parlayed the moniker into a successful boxing and lifestyle brand. Inspired by Jackie Kallen, who has managed six world champions, and whose life story was the basis for the Paramount Movie 'Against the Ropes,' starring Meg Ryan, Rosado launched her passion project, the Raging Babe Brunch in 2012.  Both a celebration of women in a male-dominated industry and a valuable networking event, the Brunch has grown from 12 attendees to more than 80, all with prominent roles at networks, promotional companies, governing bodies and other boxing organizations.  It was around the same time that she launched her apparel line, which features t-shirts for male boxing fans and the underserved female boxing fan demographic.  

She also launched The Morning Punch-In with RB & Jae, a Monday morning radio show whose unique interviews and segments draws a large audience from fans and industry professionals alike.

A protege of Hall of Fame Promoter Russell Peltz, Rosado has become a staple of Philadelphia boxing, working with Top Rank Boxing to promote ESPN cards, along with her own club shows. She has adapted Peltz’s old school promotional methods to the 21st century, becoming an expert on paid and earned media, and online promotional strategies. 

She has also carried on the legacy of her father, leveraging her events to contribute to the community, including backpack and school supply giveaways, charity events to benefit childhood cancer and first responders, and visits to local childrens’ hospitals. 

For Michelle Rosado, boxing isn’t work.  She doesn’t punch the clock at the end of the day, and vacations and breaks are largely imposed upon her by her friends and family.  She makes it look easy, and like everything she touches turns to gold, all while maintaining a reputation for fairness and professionalism. Behind the scenes, her passion, ambition, heart, and humility fuel her success - success that has ensured Raging Babe’s place in boxing for years to come.


Raging babe provides customized marketing and operational solutions and execution for events, promoters and boxers.  From branding and marketing up-and-coming talent, to promoting a boxing event from soup to nuts, RB combines hustle, experience and knowledge of the ins and outs of boxing to maximize marketing and promotional opportunities. 



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