Brittany Rogers

Up Close & Personal

1.When did you fall in love with boxing?

It depends I can say that it happened as a young kid (7 years old) when I was stuck watching the Mike Tyson-Buster Mathis fight with my mom.  My dad was always a fight fan (former amateur fighter) and he had to work that night so he asked her to watch it and to call him with the update.  Ever since that night I have had a love affair with the sport. 

2.What about Boxing drew you to it? 

The connection that it built between me and my father is what drew me to the sport but the way styles match up inside the ring are what kept me wanting more.


3.Who was the fighter that first grabbed your attention? 

Mike Tyson, mainly because he is the first boxing memory that I have actually mind you I was only 7.


4.What 3 things do you love the most about boxing? 

Styles make fights, a good styles match-up is by far my favorite thing about the sport and how they vary each fighter is so different. The history of the sport (especially out of Philly). Lastly, the work ethic not only that comes out of a fighter but also out of their managers, trainers, promoters and matchmakers, this business never shuts off.


5.Favorite Boxer? 

Here’s some of my favs! Willie Pep, Pernell Whitaker, Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Obviously love defensive fighters), Meldrick Taylor, Bernard Hopkins, Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Robinson (which is a given).. But my favorite to watch right now is Julian Williams (@JRockBoxing)


6.Favorite Boxing Movie? 

Cinderella Man for sure.


7.What do you wish to accomplish with what you are doing? 

Long term-promote more show with exciting fights.  Right now I am enjoying learning and growing on the marketing end, and I'll continue matchmaking.  All & all I just want to keep loving what I do and getting better and expanding in the industry working with all different people and building relationships!


8.Who inspires you? 

My father, he’s the strongest most motivated and hardworking man I know and trust me I am not just saying that because he is my father, anyone who knows him agrees.


Peltz Boxing as a whole- I say this because without Russell teaching me anything I want to learn I would never be where I am today I have a Hall of Fame Promoter and Matchmaker on speed dial—how many other boxing people trying to break into the industry can say that. Also, Maureen Sacks who holds everything together in the office. I have learned so much about business and life in general just from being around her she’s one of the strongest and most independent women I have ever met.


Aileen Eaton just from the stories I have heard or read, to know a woman was such a successful and well-known promoter for so many years. She hosted 10,000+ boxing bouts! How many other females could say that?!


And finally, my mother because she is my best friend and she has taught me how to be the woman I am today.