Claudia Trejos

Up Close & Personal

1.When did you fall in love with boxing? 

I was about 5 or 6: I was in Colombia, It was late and I remember my parents having family over at the house to watch the fight. George Foreman vs Mohammad Ali, I remember the emotions running high . The experience was very powerful. A few years later, when I identified this was a real sport, I asked my father for a speed bag… funny enough, I don't think my dad agreed, but he never dissuaded me- All the girls my age had barbies and played with dolls, None of them "Boxed", he figured one day I would get bored… but I never looked back.


2.What about Boxing drew you to it? 

The intensity. The surprise factor- Nothing is ever "REALLY" written in boxing- in the ring the underdog can have a lucky night… and the king of the castle can have a bad day at the office.


3.Who was the fighter that first grabbed your attention? 

Mohammad Ali No doubt… he was bigger than life. So strong, so fast, so handsome…


4.What 3 things do you love the most about boxing? 

The sacrifice-

This is not for the weak of mind or spirit how the sport has a way of humbling people.

At its best; boxing is like a well choreographed dance- In fact when its at its most technical, a fight might not look like at all real brawl… and like Jazz, the more technical the less appealing it is. But I see the beauty in the sweet science.


5.Favorite Boxer? 

Tough question to answer… I have a few- depends what mood I'm in and what kind of fight I feel like watching: Ali, Liston, Leonard, Chavez, OdeLH, Tito, Cotto, JMM, Pacquiao, Mayweather, GGG, Danny Garcia… I LOVE watching Jesus Soto-Karass… he's just all ba#$% out!!!!


6.Favorite Boxing Movie? 

Raging Bull


7.What do you wish to accomplish with what you are doing? 

"IF" I am in fact the first female to host, analyze, comment, do play by play in boxing- I definitely want to see many more young ladies come up the ranks. I want to see women's boxing flourish- I want to encourage others and mentor them as they take the road less travelled- maybe write a book-


8.Talk to me about the hustler in you.  What motivates you? 

I am blessed, I get to work on what I am passionate about.I'd like to think that when I am gone, my daughter will know there are no limitations, only the ones she sets for herself. What I do wasn't part of my wildest dream: I am a hispanic woman in the world of sports, boxing no less. It's not easy… I hasn't been all peaches and cream- I work at it everyday, I do my homework, I learn something new every day, and yes, despite all the years in this business, I still find that I have to prove myself over and over again…. I can not allow that to discourage me. If I do, I would be allowing other people's opinions, ideas and limitations to dictate my path….


My favorite poem by Henley says it best:

           It matters not how strait the gate,

           How charged with punishments the scroll,

           I am the master of my fate:

           I am the captain of my soul.

9.Who inspires you? 

My daughter