Érika Montoya

Up Close & Personal

1.When did you fall in love with boxing?

I did not find boxing. Boxing found me.  I started to working as a reporter and it was the first source that was assigned to me.  Many people including my boss told me, “ A woman will never understand the sport of boxing.” 

2.What about Boxing drew you to it? 

The fact that many of my friends thought that a girl who was twenty years old will never be part of a sport of predominantly men. 


3.Who was the fighter that first grabbed your attention? 

Erik Morales


4.What 3 things do you love the most about boxing? 

The heart, passion and certainty that with determination everything is possible.


5.Favorite Boxer? 

Ali. Not only for what he accomplish in the ring but because the meaning he had in boxing and his contribution in a social way.  No one has accomplish was he did.


6.Favorite Boxing Movie? 

I believe that there is no movie that really reflects the complexity of boxing.


7.What do you wish to accomplish with what you are doing? 

I want to become the best.


8.Who inspires you? 

The passion that I feel covering boxing is what inspires me. No other sport has made me feel this way.