Jeandra LeBeauf

Up Close & Personal

1.When did you fall in love with boxing? 

In 2000. Mark Burnett's 'The Contender' is still my favorite reality show to date and it re-ignited my interest in the sport.


2.What about Boxing drew you to it? 

The mental strength an athlete must possess to stand toe to toe with someone, in front of a mob of
screaming people, while remaining calm, and dare them to hit you.


3.Who was the fighter that first grabbed your attention? 

Sugar Ray Leonard.


4.What 3 things do you love the most about boxing? 

The Discipline of fighters, The Variety of Styles, and The Universal appeal.


5.Favorite Boxer? 

Muhammad Ali.


6.Favorite Boxing Movie? 



7.What do you wish to accomplish with what you are doing? 

To expose boxing to new fans who've been overlooked. To present it to them in a
semi-serious/semi-comedic manner that encourages them to keep watching.


8.Talk to me about the hustler in you.  What motivates you? 

Positive, forward thinking people. So many people inspire me, it's hard to narrow it down to just one.