Jacqueline Henry

Jacqueline Henry is a writer and correspondent for ThaBoxingVoice.com. As of now, she is the only female member of her team. Born and raised in New Jersey, she is the granddaughter of New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee, Max “Mickey Valenti” Rabinowitz, and the daughter of a huge boxing fan. After completing her under graduate education at Boston College, Jacqueline returned home to New Jersey to work. The office scene was not for her and as of March of 2012 she is once again a full time student. This allows her the time to take on the adventures of a real life Boxing Diva! Jacqueline prides herself in never looking past a fight and lives by the phrase “there is never a fight too small” you can find her ringside in Madison Square Garden or in a high school gym in a small town, where there is a fight, she will be.

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