ATLANTIC CITY, NJ -- Raging Babe Michelle Rosado is set to launch her flagship web series Boxing Moms, chronicling the pain and glory of the mothers of the sports world's toughest athletes.

The series shines a light on the women behind some of the most influential boxers in America, along with stars in the making as they climb the ladder. Experience the roller coaster that is being the mother of a fighter -- the triumph, sacrifice, blood and tears. 

Boxing Moms will feature a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of these women as they balance the demands of motherhood and boxing. From smoothing over their kids' relationship woes, to helping to keep the fighters on track and focused as they prepare for fights, these mothers inspire with their strength and poise, all while holding down jobs and caring for their families and their own relationships. Training camps turn into chaotic fight weeks, which turn into fight nights, where these mothers who have stood next to their sons through it all watch them step into the ring, putting their lives on the line in the name of entertainment and glory.

“Boxing moms juggle being counselors, punching bags, taxi drivers, nutritionists, life coaches, and business managers,” said the show’s Creator and Executive Producer, Michelle Rosado.  “We hear a lot about self-care, but with what these women go through, there aren’t enough spa days or meditation hours in the world that can balance the volatility of their everyday lives.”

It’s a passion project for Rosado, who has long wanted to tell the stories of the mothers she’s met as a boxing promoter, and during her signature Raging Babe Brunches - inspired events that bring together the women of boxing. 

“These stories need to be told," said Rosado. Every time I put on an event, it’s the mothers who are making things happen for their sons. It’s the moms who hustle tickets, and act as de facto public relations reps. It’s the moms who are cooking for the fighters, and bear the brunt of their weight cut crankiness.  Then they have to watch their baby climb into the ring, knowing that dying is one of the risks, and that it can happen in any fight.” 

The series will be produced by award-winning sports agency, Break Media Group.  “Boxing Moms will bring back some of my signature emotional storytelling that I'm recognized for,” said Break Media’s co-founder Jay Chaudhry, who will be spearheading the series as producer/director. "It will share stories from the heart, and really show what it's like being in the shoes of some of the real influential women in boxing: mothers."

Boxing Moms launches in early 2020, and will be available exclusively on YouTube and IGTV.

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