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Best Pre Med Summer Jobs

International Medical Aid (IMA) is a not-for-profit organization that has collaborated with hospitals around the world to provide pre-med summer internships abroad in the areas that need it most. You’ll work alongside experienced doctors in unique places like East Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. So, if you're hoping to improve your application, here are the 7 best premed gap year jobs to increase your chances of acceptance to medical school. 1. Medical Assistant Medical assistants are trained to assist physicians with both administrative and clinical tasks.

The best job for a premed over the summer is in summer research programs. Many colleges run summer undergraduate research programs where you do research alongside the faculty. If you get a good researcher and project you may get your name on a couple of papers. Dr JPH Membership Revoked Removed 10+ Year Member 15+ Year Member Joined Feb 4, 2000

Best Pre Med Summer Jobs - Discount Place

Best Pre Med Summer Jobs - Discount Place

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